Taco Tuesday

As most of you know, we no longer live in California, the land of Mexican restaurants and Taco Tuesday specials. We now live in South Dakota and our town has one Mexican restaurant. Thank goodness my hubby is skilled in Mexican cookery. Once again, thank goodness! So, since yesterday was Tuesday, and my best friend

Buffalo Run

Last Friday, we experienced the Custer State Park Buffalo Run. It was in a word, awesome! To watch over a thousand buffalo run past you in a thundering herd is amazing. This event happens once a year in an effort to inoculate the heard, brand any calves, and to get an idea of the overall (...)

Oat Bread

A few weeks ago I posted a photo on Facebook of some oat bread I had made from scratch. I was very proud because I am not a bread maker and have had some big failures in that department. A few people asked me to post the recipe on my blog. So, here it is. (...)

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