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Photos From The Car

I had meant to post this article and photos weeks ago, but got sidetracked with cooking and other projects. So, I am posting it now because as summer approaches, more and more people will be taking off on road trips of their own. Unless you have months to take off


One thing I really love about photography is the vast amount of subject matter and point of view. It really is endless. With the ease of the internet and photo sharing, we can all view each others photographs. I love the site called Flickr, and I am sure many of you have been on it. (...)

Fun Photos

When you own your photography studio, you spend a lot of time photographing your customers or their needs. Although this is the name of the game, we rarely get to just have fun behind the camera, and just photograph for our own enjoyment. This was a rare day when we just had fun in the (...)

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