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Horses and My Hubby

After spending the day in Spearfish Canyon, I spent the evening with horses and my hubby, two of my favorite things (not necessarily in that order). I love horses and that’s no secret to anyone who knows me, and I love my hubby too, but it is rare I get to enjoy them both at (...)

The Handwritten Note

People don’t take the time anymore to send out the handwritten note. Handwriting has almost become a thing of the past in this age of technology. We text, email, Facebook, and Instagram our lives. I receive more and more Evites, and E Christmas cards. Now, I appreciate the sentiment


Here in Spearfish, the weather can change on a dime and the clouds are amazing. I have never seen clouds like this day after day putting on the show of a lifetime. I have seen cirrus, cumulus, nimbo cumulus and it goes on and on. Today we had strong

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