After my Mother’s Day post, it got me thinking about family and what makes a family. Most people are born into a family, but I was chosen by my parents via adoption. Most people have siblings and children, but I am an only child (mildly spoiled-in a good way), and I have no children. Now, I do have cousins, and a couple of aunts, but I see them very rarely. I have surrounded myself with friends. Well, not just friends, but really close true friends. The kind that would be there at a moments notice if you called. Friends that have stood by you during the good, bad, and ugly. We are all born into a family and whether we are raised with them, near them, or never know them, we all develop and gravitate to people who become part of our family. We marry and create new families, and some of us marry into families.

I, as many of you, called friends of my parents who were close to us “Aunt” and “Uncle” out of love and respect. Now, with divorce being commonplace, step children and step grandchildren can become like your own. We become family to our friends children and there children as well.

Anyone who has a pet knows that those four legged friends are family too. Some people even consider them children. I know that my mom kept a photo of my cat in her wallet and told everyone that cat was the only grandchild she would ever have. She would joke about it and show off the photo.

I read an article online today about a family back east that recently had a family reunion and there were 7 generations present. The oldest family member was 111 years old, and the youngest was just 7 weeks old. What an incredible gift for a family to have so many family members still alive. The love shared by those generations must be incredible. That is what truly binds a family-love, not blood or expectations or even a marriage license. It is love and respect for each ofther that grows into a relationship that I call family.

I have added another leg to my family tree…all of you out there who read my blog. Some of you know me personally, and some of you only know me through my blog, but you are all friends and family. Who could ask for more? I love you all.

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  1. Betty Conley May 16, 2012 (3:57 pm) Reply

    Dear Yvette,

    Very well said, and oh so true.


    • admin May 16, 2012 (3:59 pm) Reply

      Thank you so much. I will talk to you this weekend. I promise.

  2. Sandi May 16, 2012 (6:32 pm) Reply

    So very true!!

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