Temecula Tangerines

I was at the farmers market last week and picked up another unusual fruit. If you don’t live in So. Cal., you have probably never even seen one. They are grown in Temecula, California, hence the name Temecula tangerine. They are in season right now which is odd because citrus season is in the fall and winter. These gems are so sweet and flavorful. Their only downfall is they aren’t available for very long.

These Temecula tangerines are very interesting. They have a wrinkly skin and when you cut them open the fruit is almost detached from the peel. You can almost feel the looseness if you shake a whole tangerine. They are larger than a tangerine, almost the size of a small orange.

Temecula Tangerine










Temecula tangerine sections

So, all I can say is that if you run across these gems, grab a few and enjoy. They don’t last too long.

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